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• Reduce cleaning time up to 75%

Dry ice blasting has been shown to cut mold-cleaning time by 75% in the Rubber Industry, therefore increasing production time. Dry ice blasting systems eliminate the need to remove and reinstall molds during cleaning, decreasing downtime.

The buildup of fouling residue and mold release agents cause blemishes and unwanted flash to the final part. It also makes it more difficult to hold tolerances on parts, which can lead to increased scrap. Dirty molds affect not only quality but productivity also. Rubber parts will stick to the mold during removal, which increases cycle time, and in some cases, mold build-up can lead to over-packing, which in turn can cause internal strains to the tool.

Removing and reinstalling molds may lead to tool wear, as well as risk damage to the tool during out-of-press handling. The use of dry ice blasting eliminates many sources of mold and tool damage.

Tire manufacturers have seen benefits of using dry ice blasting technology in production costs reduced by approximately $1 million per facility annually, press downtime reduced by 65% due to in-press cleaning, annual production increase, elimination of need to hand drill micro vents, near zero-defect levels achieved, reduction in tool damage and a reduction in the need to re-stamp sidewall lettering.

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