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Benefits Of  Dry Ice Blasting
  1. Superior clean: fewer cleaning cycles = less downtime
  2. Machines can be cleaned in place: dry ice blasting is a dry process and requires no disassemble/reassemlby which means much less downtime
  3. Quicker clean: less resource = more runtime = more profits
  4. Non-abrasive, nonflammable and nonconductive: dry ice blasting won't damage most substrates and can be used safely on electrical componenets
  5. No secondary waste clean up: this not only saves additional cleanup labor and expense, but also means temporary containment areas can possibly be reused - an additional cost savings
  6. Can get into tight spaces that many other methods can not
  7. Environmentally friendly: meets USDA, FDA and EPA guidelines
  8. Operator safety: no exposure to chemicals or grit media
  9. Operator efficiency: not as labor intensive as traditional cleaning methods
  10. Clean enough for the food industry, strong enough(1) for everything else

‧Reduce labor-off time :

it is fixed on the same line for blasting, unnecessary dismantle and re-install, that means to short shut-down time, It is not only save time and labor waste, but reduce the cooling and reheating time, and to reach on productive promotion, to reduce models damage, so it is the prevail way to promote competition each other.

• More quick and complete blasting :

the more efficient on labors and cost of saving time, it successfully blast the dead corner or gap, and more mutative, can be free-moved at the factory.

• Reduce equipment damage : 

it is non corrosion, flammable, conducted we explain as below : the first blasting won’t corrode or damage the object which means to keep the entireness of object and the permitted the minimum. The traditional way has no the advantages.The second, the blasting avoids from the trouble of delivery and knock damage of the perplex one.

• Reduce solvent volume :

many users adopt the blasting to reduce or abandon solvent cleaning some are for global environment rules, the left are for being concerned to the safety of operators and to eliminate the damaged pollution source. The blasting meets USDS, FDA and EPA standards.

• Reduction of cost of waste treatment :

No matter of using solvent sand blasting or traditional grind ways, can cause mass cost of waste treatment, but the reason why the industry will transform to blasting is to save the above mentioned cost. And no re-pollution source any more, therefore it save expense.

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