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Power Generation

• Reduce cleaning time up to 60%

Dry ice cleaning process restores both rotating and stationary electrical equipment to peak performance with dramatically shorter outages.

Due to growing demand for electricity, some equipment such as pad-mounted switchgears and substations go without maintenance. This results in less efficient operation and unplanned outages caused by flashover.

Cleaning with Dry Ice Blasting can:

‧Reduce catastrophic failures
‧Improve megohm readings
‧Increase Polarization indices
‧Improve thermal dissipation
‧Eliminate secondary waste
‧Reduce outage time by 65%

A few of the proven Power Generation applications for Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting are:

‧Substation Isolator & Bushing
‧AC/DC Motor Cleaning
‧Circuit Breaker
‧Switch Gear
‧Field Frame

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