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P750 Dry Ice Production Equipment 

Automatic pellet production capability of up to 600 lbs (272.7 kg) of dry ice per hour. Choice of 3mm high-density pellets, and 6 mm, 9 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm or 19 mm nuggets.

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• Unique Features:

。Single extrusion cylinder 
。Requires minimum floor space for maximum productivity 
。Uncluttered, open frame design allows for easy maintenance 
。All operator controls are at eye-level, located close together on side of unit, away from dry ice discharge 
。Equipped with vented liquid CO2 valves, and pressure relief devices 
。Power and control electric systems meet NFPA and IEC directives 

• Options:

。Stainless Steel hoods and wash-down panel 
。Die plates to produce a variety of pellet/nugget sizes 
。Hardware kit to connect to a CO2 vapor recovery system 

• Specifications:

。54" (1.372 m) clearance under pellet discharge chute to floor 
。Weight: 3,400 lbs (1542.2 kg) 
。CO2 Pellet Weight Density: 96+ lbs/ft3 (1'537 kg/m3) 
。CO2 Pellet Bulk Density: 50+ lbs/ft3 (801 kg/m3) for 3 mm pellets 
。Power Requirements: 20 hp/ 16 kW 230-460 VAC 3-phase 50/60 Hz 
。Liquid CO2 Pressure Range: 250-300 psig (17.5 - 20.5 bar)
。All welded steel frame, stainless steel service panel

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