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• Reduce cleaning time up to 70%

Dry ice blasting has helped Automotive companies to cut their moldfoundry history rubber plastics power_generation electrical aerospace food and beverage automotive printing packaging fire_restoration wood general -buildup cleaning costs by as much as 70%. Dry ice blasting systems easily removes excess grease, sludge, sealant and weld slag during preventative maintenance.

The automotive industry has a variety of cleaning dilemmas that need to be addressed. These problems can be solved with the dry ice blasting system. The technological leader in dry ice blasting, can drastically reduce time spent cleaning within the automotive plant and increase production uptime 75% to 90%. In fact, dry ice blasting systems often produce a complete return on investment in a matter of months. Intensive cleaning is no longer needed when unscheduled maintenance occurs, because electricians and mechanics can now quickly solve any cleaning issues with the dry ice blasting system.

Our systems are designed with customer productivity and efficiency in mind and the ideal dry ice blasting system is configured depending on the specific cleaning needs of the customer. No other company can provide the various nozzle and accessory arrangements to meet all the cleaning needs in an automotive plant.

‧Weld lines can take more than two hours to clean completely by using the traditional methods of hand scraping and chemical use. With Cold Jet, complete weld lines can be cleaned in 25 minutes.

‧Slush molds require routine spot cleaning in order to remove the tiny grains and TPU burn marks that result in unusable product production. Traditional cleaning methods use aluminum oxide, which is ineffective, causing the molds to be shut down often, in order to perform and entire cleaning on the mold. Slush molds no longer need to be cleaned with the toxic chemical, aluminum oxide. A thorough spot clean on the molds is achieved, preventing a shut down and allowing increased production.

‧E-coat, which is typically removed by hand scraping, can be difficult to remove when too thick or in hard-to-reach locations. E-coat is easily removed from paint shop rollers, hooks, guide rails, electric motor and reduction gearboxes, perforated shielding and the concrete floor. In addition, spray-booth sensors and floor gates are kept clean and clog-free with regular use .

‧Urethane foam molds have to be cleaned down to the surface in order to remove the plastic residues and release agents that can cause unsatisfactory gloss levels. Allow the molds to be cleaned with at least 70% fewer man hours and provide for a complete and thorough clean, otherwise unachievable. The level of clean that Cold Jet systems provide allows for assured part tolerance and smooth part release.

‧General maintenance on items such as cooling fans, ceiling fans, walls and superstructures can be a time consuming task that takes away from worker productivity. These tasks are performed in a matter of minutes, allowing for increased productivity.

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