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• Reduce cleaning costs up to 80%

As a result of dry ice blasting, Aerospace/Aviation companies have been able to reduce their cleaning costs by as much as 80%.foundry history rubber plastics power_generation electrical aerospace food and beverage automotive printing packaging fire_restoration wood general Cold Jetting is faster and less damaging to delicate tooling surfaces than traditional cleaning methods.

Dry ice blasting can be used as a preparation for repainting or simply to maintain equipment without the electrical problems typically associated with traditional cleaning methods. The cleaning of molds while they are still hot and in the press clears vents and allows curing to commence within minutes of starting the cleaning process.

Tow hitches, landing gear systems, engine bay covers and other components can be cleaned rapidly without disassembly. Brake dust and other soils and residues can be removed during restoration, overhaul and maintenance creating dramatic savings in man-hours and hazardous materials.

Dry ice blasting technology has been approved for use on many critical flight parts.

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