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Aero C100 Pneumatic

The new Aero C100 Pneumatic is the most powerful and efficient pneumatic dry ice blasting machine ever. With cleaning performance that's twice as fast as other pneumatics, and a pulse-free stream that cleans uniformly on every pass, the C100 is like no pneumatic machine you've seen before.

It quite simply changes the game of pneumatic dry ice cleaning.

The C100 also employs Cold Jet's patented SureFlow System design which allows you to use a full 100lb load without worrying about clogging.

Couple that with automated hopper agitation and the ability to double your hose length from previous pnuematics (up to 100 feet total) and the Aero C100 will let you clean in locations never before possible.

The Aero C100 dry ice blasting system includes:

•One length of 1" (2.5 cm) Urebrade blast hose
•One length of air hose
•Applicator without light
•Specified nozzle to best suit cleaning application needs
•Static Bond Cable
•Nozzle Hanger (qty 1)
•Hose Wrap (qty 2)
•Hose Carrier (qty 2)
•Food Grade Oil (1 qt/litre)
Unique Features
•SureFlow System
•Patented isolated hopper design
•Advanced space-age hopper insulation (dramatically slows ice sublimation)
•Sealed hopper/lid design
•Patented, industry leading feeder design
•Automated hopper agitation
•Impressively small footprint with 0° radius mobility
•Heavy duty motor
•All terrain, no-flat wheels
•Hose and nozzle management devices
•12-month warranty


Hopper size 100 lbs (45.5 kg)
Variable feed rate 0-7 lbs/min (0-3.2 kg/min)
Blast pressure range 20-140 PSI (1.4-9.7 bar)
Supply pressure range 65 to 140 psi (4.5 to 9.7 bar)
Air consumption range 50-215 CFM (1.4-6.1 m³/min) at 80 PSI (5.5 bar)
Weight 250 lbs (113.4 kg)
Size(L x W x H) 31" x 15" x 45" (79 x 38 x 114 cm)

• Hose and nozzle management devices
• 12-month warranty

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